Monday, October 6, 2014

Throwing in the Bar Mat


A crisp cider--sweet, tart, and strong.

I looked to my blog lineup and saw my upcoming post should be a barfly. To my astonishment, I didn't have one. I wracked my brain, contemplating heading out to the bar to find one, but I didn't feel like it. Between work and being a mother, I'm just plain tired. I don't want to go out and the last time I did, it was such a novelty that I paid no heed to strangers, only to my friends. Therefore, I forgot to espy a barfly. The problem, if you view it as one, is my friends. No, there's nothing wrong with them. They have just "grown up," being pregnant, having kids, career jobs, etc. and so have I.

Instead, I’d rather enjoy a cool beverage at one of my friend’s homes, while the rugrats tear apart the house. I’ve learned the perks of drinking home instead of out: cheaper, no driving involved (if at my house), socializing without random strangers who ask for lighters or nonchalantly try to hit on us, and I get to recycle the containers that I drink from.
So here in this blog, I bury my partying days with a bittersweet sorrow. Sure, I’ll get out for birthdays and other special nights, but I’ll pay for it the next day. With age comes hangovers and ever since my hiatus from drinking while I had my son, I’ve been unable to drink like I used to. There’s no getting back on that horse but I’m glad.

Without further ado, I’m removing the Barflys from my blogging lineup and will be replacing it with character sketches and prompt challenges. "Stay thirsty my friends" on Facebook to give me a challenge and I’ll write according to your suggestions. My barfly seems to be my sober self, my drink of the moment apple cider. It is a fitting drink for this post and for life in general: it is sweet, at times tart, and always has a strength hidden under its sweetness.


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